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Most commonly asked questions.

ADhesion Crafts Tumblers


Q: Can I put my tumbler in the dishwasher? 

A: Tumblers coated in Hyperion have been known to survive the occasional trip through the dishwasher, but we do not specifically recommend putting any tumblers in the dishwasher. We recommend hand wash only to preserve the designs and embellishments.


Q: Can Tumblers be customizable?

A: Absolutely! Please send an email through the Contact page.

ADhesion Crafts Button Art

Button Art

Q: Can Button Art be customizable?

A: Yes! Please send an email through the Contact page to discuss designs.

Q: I want to hang button art in my child's bedroom. Is this safe?

A: We recommend hanging the artwork high enough to be out of a child's reach, as purposefully removing the buttons could cause a possible choking hazard. However, all of the adhesive and varnish products used on our button art are water based and/or considered non-toxic. Any questions about specific products, don't hesitate to reach out!

ADhesion Crafts Clay Art

Clay Art

Q: Can I order a set of magnets rather than just one at a time?

A: Of course! Often, our magnets will be posted as sets that can be mixed and matched depending on your preferences. Don't hesitate to send us an email through the Contact page if there is a specific combination you would like.

Q: Can I have names added to ornaments?

A: Absolutely! If there isn't a "personalization" box available when checking out, send us an email through the Contact page.

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